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MÚSICA TEMPRANA aims to explore the repertoire from the Renaissance and Baroque periods, not only in Latin America, but also from sources of the Spanish Empire of that era. Through this Música Temprana wishes to map the musical development in Latin America from the moment the first conquistadores set foot in the New World up to the coming of age of baroque music on Latin American soil itself.

From the start in 2001 Música Temprana developed groundbreaking programs with music from Bolivian mission posts, Peruvian 18th century street music and the baroque roots of the world famous Misa Criolla by Ramirez. The recording of this program was awarded with a ’10’ by dutch magazine Luister.

‘This is a brilliant recording. In just over an hour of enthousiastic Latin-American devotion you can hear both folkloristic songs and 17th and 18th century art music, in performances that completely and convincingly do justice to the demands of each composition.’ (Luister)

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“The charm of the music and the convincing, unpretentious performances by Música Temprana made this my CD of the summer.” Early Music (November 2014)