Avecillas sonoras




Avecillas sonoras (Tweeting birds), 2008
(Label: Etcetera)

The Latin American repertoire includes countless small-scale works, especially villancicos for two voices. Although religious songs, they were not written for liturgical services.

Some are villancicos to celebrate a saint’s day, or Christmas. Others are dedicated to the ‘rorro’ (baby), the son of God, or are persuading birds to sing more softly so as not to wake up the baby. This gives these songs a charming and delicate quality that refers to ‘expectation’, ‘silence’, and ‘gentleness’.
The repertoire is based on the musical archives of Sucre, Lima, Guatemala, Mexico and Bogota, and includes compositions by Juan de Araujo, Tomas de Torrejon y Velasco, Antonio de Salazar en Antonio Duran de la Mota.

In the Spring of 2008 Música Temprana was invited to perform in VPRO’s TV-program Vrije Geluiden (‘Free Sounds’).


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