New program: a musical pilgrimage to Jerusalem

In 1589 Spanish composer Francesco Guerrero made a pilgrimage from his hometown Seville to Jerusalem. In those days the journey was already challenging, but next to this Guerrero was, 60 years old, an aged man. Despite hazardous moments he survived the pilgrimage and he published a travel journal: El viaje de Jerusalem. In september 2015 we will perform two concerts in which we will make a musical reconstruction of Guerrero’s journey. To recreate the sound of Jerusalem we will use a special instrument, the Ud.


During his travels Guerrero was inspired by the music he picked up along the way. He stayed in Venice for a couple of weeks where he enjoyed the marvellous polychoral music. When he was in Greece however, he was appalled by the music he encountered. He wrote that the church hymns of Kakhyntos were so terrible that he could not listen to it!

The Ud

Música Temprana will play the music by Guerrero and his teacher Morales,combined with sounds from the Ud. The improvisations on the ‘Arabic lute’ function as a dialogue of the two musical worlds and will guide the audience through the diverse stages of Guerrer’s pilgrimage.

17 september: Abbey of Bornem (near Mechelen, BE)
20 september: O.L.V. Basiliek Maastricht