Música Temprana reaches 100% in crowdfunding

After a few nail biting months Música Temprana succesfully finished its third crowdfunding campaign. We would like to thank all contributors for their support. Without you Música Temprana would not be able to record its new musical discoveries.   What will happen now? The recording sessions are planned from 4 to 6 december, right after our Dutch tour. After recording we will work on the so called master-cd, the liner notes and pressing the cd. We expect our new cd to be finished somewhere next spring. The official release has not been planned yet, but we expect our new cd to be in stores in the summer of 2016.   The team We are happy to, once again, work with great colleagues and friends: violinists Mónica Waisman and Florian Deuter and harpist Manuel Vilas Rodríguez. However, we also invited some new musicians to join the team: Francesco Corti on organ/ harpsichord and Robert Smith on basse the violon. Also, two young and very talented sopranos  join the team: Soledad Cardoso and Lucía Martín Carton. We are really looking forward to discover the repertoire of José de Orejón y Aparicio with them. Tom Peeters from COBRA records will be in charge of the recording. He recorded all our recent cd’s and we know he will do everything to produce the best sound possible, both for the instruments and the voices.